Acacia to install cocktail taps

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75258 315221085253936 425144070 n 1Cocktail taps are making their way to bars around the country, where they can be outfitted to pour a single liquor, aged cocktails or especially popular drinks such as a Negroni.

Acacia on the South Side will be among the first wave in Pittsburgh to install cocktail taps, which will debut in the next couple of weeks.

It would have been sooner, said bartender Spencer Warren. Someone stole the Fedex box that contained the remaining parts that was left at the door of the Carson Street establishment.  "As soon as we get replacements, we can install them," he said.

Bars in other cities such as San Francisco and D.C. where cocktail taps are making an appearance cite an increase in sales for featured drinks. It often translates to a less expensive cocktail and cuts the wait time during a rush.

While some bars use taps to feature something such as Fernet, Mr. Warren confirms each of the four taps installed will feature mixed drinks. "It takes the same amount of time to take the cap off a bottle as it does to pour from a tap," he quipped.

Might taps dilute consumers' experience? For an elaborate cocktail, stick with the bartender, especially if the banter is as much a part of the experience as the booze.

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