Winghart's Downtown to reopen next week

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If things go as planned, Winghart's Burger & Whiskey Bar in Market Square will reopen next week, confirmed the general manager known as Shipwreck. 

The flagship restaurant was damaged by a chimney fire, after which it closed for renovations in September. As the restaurant renovated, Market Square fans have shuttled to Winghart's on the South Side for a fix.

"It will still have an open kitchen," Shipwreck said of the renovated space, "but will look similar to the South Side location." The renovated restaurant has a brightened interior and maroon accent walls. It will also feature a second-floor bar, and second-floor and balcony-level tables, doubling the restaurant's capacity to 60 seats. 

Winghart's will try out table service, with a takeout line for to-go orders. This is a departure from the former system of ordering at the register.

The relaunch will introduce a larger menu which includes sliders, new burger choices, wings, variations on the pepperoni roll and funnel cakes for dessert. For more information on the menu, see here.

Depending on the permitting process, the restaurant could open as early as Wednesday. Check this space for updates or follow Winghart's Twitter feed.

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