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Is your guy a gastrosexual?

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If you're lucky, the man in your life doesn't mind pitching in every once in a while with dinner. And no, I don't mean by calling for reservations or volunteering to pick up the pizza.

But is he a gastrosexual?

You gotta hope so.

Because if he is, you're probably getting a pretty decent homecooked meal on a fairly regular basis -- maybe even nearly every day, if you believe a report cooked up by the Future Foundation, a consumer trends think tank with offices in London and New York City.

According to a recent study by the foundation, not only are more men than ever before cooking on a regular basis, but also they're "confidentally claiming a stake in the kitchen." And contrary to popular myth, it's not just at barbecues and dinner parties. Gastrosexuals cook just for the heck of it because it's a form of "self actualization."

Men being men, they also cook for praise ("Good job, honey!"), which goes hand in hand with another motivation for honing their culinary skills: to impress and/or seduce potential partners.

"Gastrosexuals are all about experimenting with new food not only for themselves but also for loves ones," reads a press release from a Canadian firm promoting the study. "What better way to impress a date than a fancy home-cooked meal?"

Canadian chef/BBQ king Ted Reader recently came out of the kitchen as a proud gastrosexual, according to the release, and I'm guessing a certain executive chef with big Burrito Restaurant Group might not mind being called one, too, or a certain newspaper food editor, either,  since it denotes a passion about cooking, as well as technical skill wrapped in undeniable manliness. 

Says Chef Reader: "The gastrosexuals are the guys that love food and look at cooking as more of a hobby than a chore. For me, there isn't much better than firing up the BBQ and grilling dinner for my family and that's how many of my fellow gastrosexuals feel."

Also revealed in the report, which manages to go on (and on) for an entire 29 pages:
• Gastrosexuals tend to be upwardly mobile men between the ages of 25 and 44

• They're especially likely to travel, and are aware of and passionate about cuisines from all over the world, especially Asian food

• When they cook, they do so with "separate ingredients"

Um, news flash, guys --  isn't that the very definition of "cooking'"?

The study also pointed out this sad fact: While a display of cooking skill makes gastrosexuals attractive to their females partners, cleaning does not. (Or at least not in the men's minds.) As a result, "many still rely on women to contribute to less flashy but still necessarily domestic work."

In other words, don't expect the gastrosexual in your life to do the dishes. 

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