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You know something's up when your kid, after pretty much ignoring you all night, knocks on your bedroom door at 10 p.m., interrupting Me Time with Sons of Anarchy.

"Mom!" says Daughter, looking apologetic and irritated at the same time. "Tomorrow's Fat Tuesday and you promised to make me something French for French class."

Nuts! Jax would have to wait. Hitting the "pause" button on Netflix, I rolled out of bed, shuffled to the kitchen and got busy.

Thankfully, beignets -- the traditional raised doughnuts served with an abundance of confectioners' sugar during Mardi Gras, and every day at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans -- are pretty easy to make. So easy, that my husband did all of last night's measuring and mixing while I supervised. 

If you're feeling so inspired, here's an easy recipe for beignets I demonstrated at the Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show a few years ago. It's a keeper, and you probably have all the ingredients in your panty.  

Even though the recipe calls for mxing the sweet dough in a heavy-duty stand mixer, you actually can do it by hand with a wooden spoon if you don't have a KitchenAid, or if yours is on the fritz, like mine. 

It took less than 10 minutes this morning to roll out the dough, and fry the cut squares into tiny, puffy doughnuts. Daughter was eternally grateful, as was her twin sister and her father, who got to enjoy a few with his morning coffee. And I, for the next few days, have cemented my position as the Greatest Mom on Earth. 

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