Doughnut + croissant: Doughsant

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Have you had a Cronut?

A fancy cross between croissant and donut -- croissant dough, deep-fried -- has been a sellout sensation in New York City. reported today that the $5 pastries from NYC's Ansel Bakery, with the evidently trademarked name of Cronuts, were being resold on Craigslist for as much as $40. Being munched on the Today Show and other national outlets only turned up the heat on the hype fryer.

Now Western Pennsylvania is jumping on the bandwagon, as Oakmont Bakery just started selling its own version, dubbed the Doughsant (with an accent on the a).

According to a bakery press release, "We won’t tell the secret that makes our donut/croissant hybrid better than the one in New York but it is a delicious combination of two popular pastries made from scratch in the Oakmont Bakery Factory. After the dough is laminated and raised, it’s cooked in pure vegetable oil, enrobed in honey glaze and drizzled with rolled fondant."

The sweet young woman who answered the phone just now said they are $2.50 each or $30 a dozen "and they are delicious."   

The bakery says local lovers of paczki -- old-school filled donuts -- will recognize the three, $3.50-each filled flavors: Pittsburgh, or white cream; Oakmont, or chocolate cream; and Bostan, or custard.

Though they might want to change the moniker of that last one, given that the Pittsburgh is facing Boston in the Stanley Cup semifinals tomorrow, and at least one Pittsburgh bar has banned Boston beer.

Never fear: Oakmont Bakery also is offering an array of Penguins cupcakes, cookies and cakes.

They open at 6 a.m.

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