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Find a fried chicken fix

Written by Melissa McCart on

fish-tacos-avocado-soup-and-fried-chicken-with-sides-at-kaya originalNow that sultry weather has arrived, I've been craving fried chicken doused with hot pepper vinegar. I'd been thinking of it because I considered making the Lee Brothers' Skillet-fried Chicken this past weekend at Bayardstown, the outdoor space in The Strip. (I ended up making jerk on the grill instead.)

I'm not the only one with fried chicken in mind. This morning, a reader called me to learn where he could find it in Pittsburgh. Heaping plates of fried chicken can be found at  Ms. Jean's Southern Cuisine in newish Wilkinsburg digs and around town in these variations:

1) Thai fried chicken at Noodlehead
Though it's not going to transport a diner to the American South, Thai fried chicken at this Shadyside noodle mecca is worth the trip. For $6.50, diners can order chicken with a little or a lot of heat. 

2) Cold fried chicken sandwich at Meat & Potatoes
If you like your fried chicken adorned, Downtown lunch diners can order this dish for $13. Buttermilk-fried chicken breast is dressed in ranch mayo on a sandwich with creamy slaw and American cheese. 

3) Chicken and waffles at Carmi Family Restaurant
At this family-run spot on the North Side, fried chicken is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Diners can order a leg and a thigh, three wings or a breast on a Belgian waffle ($7.99). If a waffle isn't your thing, there's the Southern fried chicken meal that's served with two sides for lunch ($8.99) and sides, soup or salad and cornbread for dinner ($12.49).

4) Dinner combo at Union Pig & Chicken
A combo of delicious fried chicken that's crisp and juicy, a side and cornbread ($22) will sate any craving. Plus you get a stylish setting and terrific cocktails. Fried chicken for lunch ($7) plates a quarter chicken, while Sunday brunch delivers chicken and waffles ($14) with syrup and gravy, collards and mac-and-cheese.

5) Thursday fried chicken at Kaya
Since 2010, once a week, this Strip District restaurant fills up with patrons craving buttermilk-fried chicken. Eighteen dollars lands locally-sourced chicken, Reyna's tortillas, a sauce and a side that changes monthly. Expect ancho chili potato salad through June and baked beans in July. 

Post-Gazette photo at Kaya

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