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It's a food truck 'feastival' Saturday

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[Our friend and Post-Gazette colleague Diana Nelson Jones really gets out and about, for her Walkabout pieces in the newspaper as well as for her City Walkabout blog. That's where she posted this great poster yesterday. We "steal" her post below. And suggest that you regularly check out her blog, too. -- Bob Batz Jr.)

Food trucks can’t get much traction in the city of Pittsburgh because we have this inane rule that keeps food trucks away from bricks-and-mortar restaurants on the theory that they will compete unfairly if they are too close together. So food trucks have to get some special dispensation to be anywhere anyone would want to go to buy their food.
There are food trucks at special events and throughout Oakland, but the city’s truculence about food trucks has severely limited the scene.
This is crazy. Every city that’s thriving with young people has a thriving food truck scene. What are our city officials not getting?
Anyhoo, McKees Rocks picked up on the closed-door policy in its big sister across the river and decided to have some ornery fun by welcoming any and all food trucks for a first-ever spring feast-ival.
It’s this Saturday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., in the municipal parking lot and will include at least 15 food vendors, from food trucks to Rox’s own eateries. Live music, art displays and sales and colorful activities for the kiddies are all part of the feastivities.
FEASTival is brought to you, free, by the McKees Rocks Community Development Corp. [As Diana points out, it's at this link that you can find the list of food and other vendors as well as bands.]

McKees Rocks Community Development Corp.

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