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They're baaaaack! Shamrock Shakes, that is

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Tired of all this crummy weather?

Hang in there, because one of the harbingers of spring has arrived, and no, it's not birds chirping at the crack of dawn outside your bedroom window.

It's the Shamrock Shake, that unnaturally green psuedo milkshake McDonald's introduced in 1974 as a way to raise money for the first Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia.

No one knows which of McDonald's 35,000-plus restaurants will be the first to offer the minty treats (they arrive out of the blue sometime before St. Patrick's Day), so it can feel like you've won the Powerball lottery if they show up at a franchise near your house. 

Or so my teenaged daughters tell me. They've made several trips already to the Mickey D's on Ohio River Boulevard in Bellevue, cost and calories be damned (530 in a 12-ounce serving). Me, I'd rather have the money. 
shamrockshake2Offered in the weeks leading up to St. Patrick's Day, the beloved treats have developed a cult following in the U.S. that keeps growing, and not just with kids. My 91-year-old father insisted on trying the mint-flavored shake, made with vanilla reduced fat ice cream and "Shamrock Shake syrup," for the first time a few days ago. To the delight of my girls, he declared it, "Delicious!"  

If you'd rather get your fix at home with an adult (alcoholic) version of the drink, check out this recipe.  It's also quite delicious.

McDonald's (top)  and Gretchen McKay (right) photos

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