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Eat fish, or else

Written by Gretchen McKay on

eat fish go to hell

Catholics tend to take their fish-eating pretty seriously on Fridays during Lent. But it's hardly a matter of life or death, right?

The folks at Stone Front Witch Way Inn in Brighton Heights beg to differ.

Driving back to the office this morning after a visit to Tom Friday's Market, where orders for Amish Easter hams are being taken, I spotted this sign outside the tiny stone bar at 2827 California Ave.

Short and to the point, it accurately sums up the reason why millions of Catholics crowd church basements and restaurants serving fish this time of year: the fear of eternal damnation.

On the soul-saving menu at Stone Front is a whole fish sandwich (two pieces) for $6.75, or $7.50 with fries and $8 with fries and slaw. 

Remember, you've been warned.  Now go eat some fish!

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