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Salmon ... hot dogs?

Written by Marlene Parrilsh on

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Smack in the middle of iced shellfish, fish fillets and ready-made crab cakes in the seafood case at Whole Foods Market, is a uniform row of, what, hot dogs? Franks? Weenies? Seriously?

“The salmon hotdogs are really popular,” says seafood team member Jared Mayle. “The product is made from ground salmon ... and spices and tastes just like a, well, hotdog. There is no casing, either.

Pescatarians, vegetarians who eat fish, will buy them by the dozen. Some people have said that they ‘haven’t had a hotdog in 20 years.’ We serve them in a standard bun, slathered with mustard.”

The salmon hotdogs have been in the store for about a month. They weigh about 2 ounces and sell for $1 each.

The Smoked Salmon Franks are made by AquaCuisine of Eagle, Idaho, which notes that the fish dogs "are fully cooked – just heat & serve.  Our salmon franks are low in fat; do not overcook. Broil, grill or microwave until warm."

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