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Pittsburgh's favorite way to eat oysters

Written by Gretchen McKay on

It's Lent, so you're probably thinking about seafood. We suggest eating a piece of Pittsburgh history.

It's called the "Original breaded oyster," and it's been on the menu at The Original Oyster House almost since it opened in Market Square in 1870.  

If you're expecting something light, be forewarned: tucked into a hockey puck-sized chuck of seasoned dough and cooked in a deep fryer, the dainty oyster can be really, really hard to find inside the pattie.

At $1.90 a piece, though, it's a cheap and filling treat. Just one or two is bound to fill you up, especially if you wash it down like the mill workers-of-old with a cold glass of buttermilk ($1.45 small/$1.80 large.) 

In this latest Cool Pittsburgh Food in a Minute video, we learn how they make 'em.  

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