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03-29-36 gretchen-at-a-fish-fry 420It is the first Friday of Lent.

I have a confession. I have never been to a church fish fry. Not just in Pittsburgh. Ever. 

This must change.

But I need some guidance.

I've read up on progressive fish fries as well as which ones serve halushki, pierogies, baked goods and beer. A friend introduced me to a Pittsburgh Lenten Fish Fry Society online. 

Thankfully, a colleague forwarded the  "Map of Fish Fries" for people like me who are horrendous with neighborhoods and direction. This work in progress began last year by Hollen Barmer of Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute.

Blue denotes fish fries at churches; red marks fire departments; community groups are marked green and other businesses are yellow. 

I was also sent this primer from Pittsburgh Catholic. 

As a non-Yinzer who has yet to go to a fish fry, I have a few questions about this Pittsburgh tradition. Do you go for lunch or dinner? Do you bring a flask? Do you bring children? Do you go solo? Is this an all-night thing? Is there food left for latecomers?

And, most important, where are your favorites?

This was initially posted on Feb. 15, 2013.

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