The sexiness of chef coats

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What work uniforms "drive women crazy"?

In a good way, that is, apparently., which facilitates "online dating for anyone who works in uniform or love those who do, has put together a list of the Top 5 sexiest job uniforms" -- "actually, our list of fastest moving categories over the past two years along with level of interaction versus other categories."

Without further ado:

No. 1: Lifeguard

No. 2: Chefs (such as Dan and Sherri Leiphart, photographed for a 2008 story by the PG's Rebecca Droke).

No. 3: Private pilots

No. 4: Military

No. 5: Fireman   

The news release about this ranking actually used the term "fireman," which is just one of the sexist elements of the whole thing. But crunching numbers over the past few years, "The bottom line is: We wanted to know which categories of occupations were growing the most, and getting the most attention from female members, around the world," says Sean Wood, communications director of Cupid plc, which owns this niche website. The Edinburgh-based company claims to have built a base of more than 54 million members in 58 countries. has 100 uniformed occupatons in its database that could have made the top. But not really. "What about fast food workers in their distinctive shirt, dark pants and possibly an ill-fitting hat spelling out the company’s name? Again, given minimum wage in this country, not likely a chick magnet. " 

About the high ranking of chefs, the release expounds: "Unexpected on this list of Sexiest Uniforms? Sure. But who doesn’t enjoy breakfast in bed? Primarily in Europe, U.S. and Canada, research witnessed a high interaction rate with 'professional cooks' or 'chefs' compared to previous years. Is there a more passionate profession? This is a man who knows how to please all the senses -- sight, smell, touch and taste. We’re not talking about a big white floppy hat -- more modern chef uniforms are tailored and made of the very best quality materials. In the US, it might be related to the popularity of food shows on national TV."

Rebecca Droke/Post-Gazette photo from 2008

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