Kevin Sousa unveils everyday ramen, late-night menu

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ramennoodlefinalNo longer do fans have to wait for monthly ramen brunch at Salt of the Earth in Garfield.

Starting tomorrow, Station Street Hot Dogs in East Liberty will feature ramen every day.

Ramen noodles in pork ($14) or vegetarian broth ($12) will be served with slow-cooked egg, Garfield Farm radishes, fish cakes or tofu. 

"In our minds, we got it 100% right," said chef-owner Kevin Sousa of the most recent ramen brunch earlier this month.

This brunch was the first time sous chef Chad Townsend served his house-made ramen noodles. 

"We did not want to abandon our efforts," Mr. Sousa said. 

With the introduction of ramen, Station Street Hot Dogs will transition to Station Street Food, with an emphasis on the street food genre.   

And starting tonight: Salt of the Earth is launching a late-night menu, which will run every evening from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., during which bartender Maggie Meskey will serve a $6 seasonal punch and $6 cocktails.

Four to six small dishes such as duck ham and persimmons, smoked beets and pickled eggs, or salt cod brandade will list for $3 to $4 a plate.

Tonight's late night menu will include petite ice cream sandwiches.

Mr. Sousa said he envisions a classic ham bar as a feature in the near future. Stands that display jamon will allow staff to carve slices served with nuts, olives, cheese or pickles. 

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