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Two new beer products came to my attention today, and the first one apparently only sounds made up.

"OnTap Liquid Beer Enhancer" is a mix of natural and artificial flavors that you add to cheap beer to make it taste like more expensive craft beer.

It comes in two flavors: American Ale and Pale Ale.

Each bottle, which costs $4.99 plus shipping, is enough to flavor 18 12-ounce bottles or cans.

According to the company's website,"You can purchase an 18-pack and OnTap for less than $20. Take OnTap to a pro sports arena or music event and add it to the already overpriced beer available. Each bottle of OnTap is enough to flavor a full 18-pack (depending on how much you use, of course)."

I know what my fellow craft beer enthusiasts are going to think of this, but OnTap thinks enough people will like the idea of customizing their own brews that they can sell a lot of this stuff.

Meanwhile, Brits Justin Amey and Ollie Hepworth have dreamed up an app that helps you order a beer in 59 languages called Pivo – Order a beer.

The app, developed by the Walker Agency, is named for how they say beer in Prague, where the developers realized they didn't know how to order a brew. The app gives you not only written phonetic instructions, but also a video of a native speaker saying each word.

I think I could manage just about anywhere with hand signals, but if you'd like the app, it's available for your iPhone for about a buck on iTunes.

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