Beer Week event o' the day: 4/25

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Today is another huge day for Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, but the event I have to pimp is one I'm going to be part of.

It's my own fault: Since the first week last year, I was yapping to several people about how I wish someone in my town, Mt. Lebanon, would have done some kind of event. "Look at Philly Beer Week and how widespread its events are."

This winter, while talking at Lebo's Uptown Coffee about the Farm to Table Pittsburgh Conference, I made my complaint to FTT's Erin Hart, and before I knew it, she had arranged for Farm to Table to organize a little string of events at several venues around town.

What could I say when she asked me to be part of one?

It helps that a portion of proceeds will benefit the Mt. Lebanon Uptown Farmers Market (it opens Saturday, May 11, from 9 a.m. to noon).

I'll be giving all my tips, if I get any, to the cause when I guest bartend at Bado's on Beverly Road from 8 to 10 p.m. tonight. During that time, there'll be a Samuel Adams promotion, and owner Frank Badolato says I'll be pouring pints of beers o' summer Summer Ale, Porch Rocker and Blueberry Hill Lager as well as as limited-release Griffin's Bow barleywine.

I know I'm not that much of a draw, so in addition to myself, I'm bringing a bottle of beer to raffle off.

And not just any bottle of beer, but a bottle of Sam Adams Utopias.

The 24-ounce decanter of the 2012, 10th-anniversary vintage of this 29-percent-alcohol barleywine retailed for $190, and was selling for $250 or more. Only about 15,000 of them were made.

For your chance to win it, try some other Sam Adams and other craft brews, and enjoy some Craft Beer Week camaraderie, stop in at this cozy neighborhood restaurant bar and say hi.

You'll still have time to hit other great events, which you can find listed here.

And please share your photos here. I'll post one or more tonight.

Samuel Adams photo

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